Today is superstitiously believed to be the unluckiest day of the year in North America , Australia  and Western Europe .This happens when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calender falls on a friday .However ,Friday 13th is just one of the three fridays that occurs in the year ,which will include April 13 and  July 13 .This year has January 13th and October 13th.
This unlucky day always occurs at least once a year but there is also a possibilty to appear up to three or two times in any year .
Mostly people do not really take it too seriously because there is little or no fear that comes with this day due to the history surrounding the number 13.The phobia ,Triskaidekaphobia is of concern to a few who try as much as possible to avoid using the nuber 13 in their daily life .
But the question is where does the superstition surrounding this day , known as Paraskevidekatriaphobia,originate from?
Among other historical events that evolved these superstitions which has labelled the number 13 as unlucky is first , because Jesus was crucified on a Friday according to Christian Scripture and tradition and secondly that it came from Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales " ,published in the 14th century,where Friday is considered q a day of misfortune and ill luck .Notwithstanding the most popular myths attempting to explain the origin of the Friday 13 superstition stems from events on Friday 13 ,October 1307 , when hundred of Knights Templar were arrested and burnt across France .
On such a day as today ,most people will prefer to stay at home and avoid any bad omen because of the fear of having  unlucky event befall them .These popular myths believed to likely happen on Friday 13th include the following ;
.If you cut your hair on  Friday the 13th , someone in your family will die 
. If you break a mirror on Friday the 13th, you will have seven years of bad luck .
.If  a black cat crosses you on Fruday the 13th ,you will have bad luck 
.Ships that sail on friday will have some kind of bad omen coming its way 
.If anyone embarked on Friday the 13th , one will encounter misfortune 
.If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th , you will be the next to die 
However , the above listed myths can only happen ONLY  if you believe ,hence superstition .So on the contrary to what history and supertition tells, do have a lucky day 

Britain leaving the European single market will damage both the UK and EU member states' economies, the German car industry warned on Wednesday, after Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to head for the exit.
"The British economy is deeply woven into other EU countries," Matthias Wissmann, president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), told AFP by email. "A hard Brexit would be tough and expensive."
In a high-profile speech on Tuesday, May announced plans to quit the European single market as well as the 28-member European Union following Britons' vote to leave in June last year.
"Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe," May said. "What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market."
Since the Brexit vote, European leaders have insisted that Britain cannot "cherry-pick" elements of the single market by clinging to free movement of goods, services and capital but not labour -- the "four freedoms" that form the single market.
The prime minster added that she still wanted "tariff-free" trade with Europe and "frictionless" business ties in a new deal with the EU.
"Years will go by before new treaties are a done deal," VDA's Wissmann predicted. "Prospects like that scare away investors."
Britain is the German car industry's largest export customer, Wissmann noted, adding that 57 percent of all British car industry exports are destined for the EU.
Around one in five cars produced in Germany is sold in the UK, according to the VDA, while German firms operate around 100 sites producing cars or components in Britain.
"Car firms have a large interest in solutions being found that continue to allow intensive trade and the wealth creation associated with it," Wissmann said.
May should "ensure the UK's negotiations with the EU result in uncomplicated, tariff-free access to the EU single market in future," a spokesman for luxury carmaker BMW, which operates four sites in the UK, told AFP in a statement.
"Not only free trade but also cross-border employment opportunities and unified, internationally applied regulations are of proven benefit to business, the economy and individuals," the spokesman said.
Britain is expected to formally notify EU authorities of its intention to leave by the end of March, triggering a two-year negotiation on the terms of its departure from the bloc.


Aminata Baldeh, one of The Gambia's finest female singer, has passed away. Sources report that her sudden death occured on thursday, March, 9th, 2017. 
The Swedish born Gambian singer has done a lot of collaboration songs with top Gambian musicians including Gibou Bala Gaye, Vypa Skinny Boy fly and many others. She is one of the few female artists who actually released their own album. A true Gambian pride indeed.

Early Thursday, March 9th, 2017, social media was saturated with messages of condolences for Aminata's family. Cause of death is yet to be released. According to Jatou Mbowe, a.k.a ThaBoss chick, she saw Aminata 2 days ago from March 9th, 2017 on a facebook status update.Aminatah Baldeh is a Swedish singer with a Gambian father. She was about 28yrs of age. She sang mostly R&B. Check out her video below.
Our condolences goto the Baldeh family and the entire Gambian community in Germany, Sweden, and all over the world. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Following recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom as well as outside Europe, thousands of Muslims are set to protest extremism in Cologne on Saturday. But the country's largest Islamic group refuses to take part.

The rally under the motto of “not with us” seeks to bring Muslims together from across the country in a march for peace and against radical Islamist terrorism.

“The attacks by people who justify their acts by invoking Islam, without justification, are becoming more frequent,” the rally organizers write.

“Our faith is being abused, defiled, insulted, and distorted into something unrecognizable by this.”

But Germany’s largest Islamic organization, the Turkish Ditib union, is refusing to participate in the peace march. “Calls for ‘Muslim’ anti-terror demos fall too short, stigmatize Muslims, and constrict international terrorism to being just among them, and within their communities and mosques,” Ditib wrote in a statement.

The Turkish group further accused the march organizers of “public usurpation and instrumentalization”. It further noted that as it is currently the holy month of Ramadan, it was not reasonable for fasting Muslims to “march and demonstrate for hours in the blazing midday sun, at 25C, against terror and for peace.”

On Friday, Ditib will hold its own prayer at all of its mosques nationwide for peace and against terrorism. Still, organizer and Islamic scholar Lamya Kaddor said that the rally had been able to gather different groups together for the demonstration, with as many as 10,000 people expected to attend. Politicians are also supposed to take part to support the effort, including the future state Minister President for North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet of Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party.

“We Muslims are in the midst of society, and the majority of us reject terror and violence exactly like every other person hopefully does,” said Kaddor.

“It is important now - after London, Manchester and the terror as well in the Islamic world where Isis kills innocent people - to put forth a visible, clear sign in support of peace, and to clearly distinguish ourselves from violent Islamism and Islamists.”

Supporting groups also include the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, and the group called Turkish Community in Germany.


A fire in Helsinki has caused the death of a Ghanaian woman and her three children in the early morning of Friday. It is believed that the 40-year-old mother, known at this moment as Nana Ago and the children were sleeping at the time of the incident. The ages of the children are 8, 7 and 3.

Report from indicates that a neighbor had called the police after noticing the fire in the early morning of Friday before 3 am. The report says that the Fire and Rescue Services reached the scene eleven minutes after they were called and they were able to extinguish the fire quickly. However, resuscitation attempts to save the lives of the victims failed.

The father and husband of the victims, John Owusu, who is also a board member of the Ghana Union Finland, was at work at the time of the incident. It is believed that the fire started from the sauna in their sixth-floor apartment and that the victims had died out of suffocation.

The police are still investigating the cause of the fire. The fire affected no other apartments in the building.

According to the Financial Secretary of the Union, Kwame Afreh, some executive members of Ghana Union Finland have paid a visit to the bereaved family in Helsinki.

The incident has been a shock to the entire Ghanaian community in Finland and some have already sent words of condolence to the bereaved family through various social media platforms.

In order to give Nana Ago and her kids a befitting Burial while supporting her husband she left behind who lost his family as well as all his belongings in the fire, It would be great if everyone could support the bereaved family in this difficult time by donating . 
Simply click here to donate

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A little girl was caught on camera stealing the Pope's skullcap as she gives him a kiss. 
The video was shot by the girl's Godfather with the caption: 'Took my Goddaughter to meet the pope. She stole his hat.'
Pope Francis scrambles for the hat, but is all smiles as he re-adjusts his uniform and the girl, named Shirley, is carried away.

The huge crowd erupted into laughter after the girl's sneaky swipe.

It is not the first time he has lost his headwear to a curious child. 
As the pontiff held a youngster in his arms while visiting a medical centre back in 2013, the cheeky child took off his white zucchetto at the Vatican.

For a moment, it looked like the cap-snatcher had an amazing souvenir - but, with a smile, the leader of the Catholic Church retrieved his headwear and returned it to its rightful place.

Gamian Boy in Italy filmed stealing from a Passenger

A young Gamibain Boy sitting in front a sleeping passenger in front of him was filmed stealing items from the sleeping Man`s bag.

The boy was successful in nabbing what looks to be a phone the first time he opened the mans bag. Then after he reached into the bag once again and took out what looks to be some money.

He continues to go back to the sleeping mans bag and reach even deeper in hopes of finding more steals. Meanwhile, he was un-aware of some other passenger filming his entire activities.

Eventually, the Man wakes up and although he doesnt realize that the boy had taken a few of his properties, he screams at the boy and startles him to get up and walk away.

But the man doesnt seem to realise that his properties were taken even after looking inside his bag.

Social media has identified the boy as a Gambian boy and its only a matter of time before he is fished out.

People are urging the boy to give back what he took from the man before it is too late for him.

This occured somewhere on a train in Italy.   City is still unknown.

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