"World Igbo Conference" Hamburg 2013. A suceess story


The much awaited “World Igbo Conference " has come and gone last Sunday the 18th of August 2013.

According to many igbozurume delegates who converged from all part of the World, the August Event indeed was a success and a masterpiece of its kind never seen in any African community in Germany.                          

The successful event was attributed to the judicious, dedicated and precisional attention given to it by the committed and loyal members of Igbozurume Germany. The conference itself holds a watershed in the history of Igbo’s in Germany. For many folks, the just concluded convention gave the Igbo’s in Germany, for the first time a sense of pride and nationalism. 

A sharp contrast from the way things were done in the past. And gladly in end, History was made and recorded. The beauty and highlight of the Day was the presence of Igbozurume Grand Patron Germany; HRH Ezeigbo Dr.Peter Aguiyi Godwin, who came all the way from Stuttggart with 10 man delegates in a grand style.

The young Onye Eze Igbo Germany passion shown openly when during his speech he became emotional on the so many problems, according to him is threatening the existence of the Igbo’s all over the world. Although he equally reminded the crowd how blessed Igbo’s are surviving under a difficult and hash political gang up.

He also spoke on the need to restore the dignity of Igbo’s in Nigeria and importantly the need to unite with all our Igbo brothers across the bridge. In all, the sum total of his message was peace, love and unity amongst the Igbo’s in the Diaspora and at home. But before I conclude this piece, let me advise some of our Igbo brothers to desist from chasing shadows.

Igbozurume Germany under the leadership of Johnbosco K.Onyeke is a moving train, so it would be needless for anybody to engage in unwarranted media warfare. It’s my candid opinion, that the Igbozurume fever that has unmistakable gripped some people should stop now.    

It´s any group fundamental human rights to assembly, associate even de-associate, any individual/group who unnecessarily engaged others maliciously should never forget the legal implication of infringing on the right of others.

While its natural for brothers to disagree and agree, what is least expected was the wicked approach some misguided few adopted to frustrate the activities of other group which does not in any way trampled on their human right.

The unfortunately thing being that some people mentioned in this wicked act were guys many people in the community looked up to. What a shame! Above all, Igbozurume is open to all Igbo’s in German, I am well convinced within the shortest time our aggrieved brothers whose excuses for separating are yet unclear, will realize the need to come back into our fold which is where they belong.

I believe it’s in our very best interest Igbo’s in Germany to collectively champion the Igbozurume course, our commitment is restoring the lost dignity of Igbo man.

So, let the young and old, men and women of Igbo’s living in Germany join hands to this laudable task. Long Live Federal Republic of Germany! Long live Igbozurume Germany e.v !! Long live HRH Eze Dr.Peter Aguiyi Godwin (Onye Eze Igbo nke mbu na Germany) !!! Adams Kennedy Chidi PRO/ Media consultant Igbozurume (Northern Section)