Is it okay to smoke weed?


A lot of people smoke weed. Numbers show that about 3 Million people in Germany consumed Marihuana last year.
The issue to legalize Marihuana is being discussed all around the world. So I asked myself if it is okay to smoke Marihuana or legalize it. I came to the conclusion, that everyone should be allowed to make their own individual decision whether it is okay for them or not.

While some may have good reasons not to smoke weed, others have legitimate reasons for smoking it. Marihuana has different effects on different people. Some people say it makes them paranoid, sleepy, anxious, forgetful, dizzy, confused, nauscious, hallucinate, blackout, and a few extreme cases of circulatory collapse.

Then there are people who get some positive effects after smoking the natural substance. People with insomnia, cancer, eating disorders, migraine, glycoma, ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). These people get a calmness of body and soul after smoking it.
There are also people who get the euphoric and inspirational effect after smoking the wonder plant.  Famous people such as Arnold Schwarzeneger, Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, Bob Marley have all admitted to smoking the wonder plant and they are successful people in the eyes of the public.  It could be that they got the vision as well inspiration while smoking the magic dragon. 
Some people also say that Marihuana made them mentally sick. But no one has been able to prove if this sickness really comes from smoking marihuana.
Some scientists believe that Marihuana can reinforce a mental sickness or psychosis, but it doesn’t cause it.
Marihuana is used for a lot of different things besides smoking and medicine. It is used to make clothes, ropes, and oil. It has a good economical factor. A lot of people use Marihuana to make these products because it is natural, doesn’t destroy the environment, and it is cheaper.
So Marihuana is a useful ingredient for the pharmacy industry as well as for the synthetic fiber- and paper industry.

In summary I think Marihuana should not be illegal. People should start thinking about the other things you can do with Marihuana besides just making you “high”. It doesn’t harm non-participants.

I think it should be every one’s own decision to smoke it or not, like it is every one´s own decision to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

Janina Jay