Hon Nii Ashitey Armah meet Ghanaians Germany


The Diasporas is not only an integral part of the Ghanaian community, but plays a significant role in the socio-economic development of our beloved country. I think at any giving opportunity we must interact and explain government policies to our people. And I am more than delighted in doing this.

The Ghanaian Minister for Works and Labor Relationship, Hon. Nii Armah Ashitey, was in Hamburg Germany on a short private visit to participate in this year’s Homowo festival. Nevertheless took the opportunity to meet the Ghanaian Community in Hamburg.

Among the several questions he took was, if there is a reliable statistic on the labour market, the electoral challenges in Ghana. Job creation, more particularly among the university graduates, attitude to work, corruption and other matters.

He opined that it was a shared responsibility and challenge to formulate and implement policies to see how the issues of unemployment amongst the youths will be addressed as long as he heads the Ministry.

Why is it that you people remain in your five star hotels, refusing to dialogue with your people? "I must confess, everything in our country has become politics, people in higher institutions or positions are extremely careful as to what to say. If the president on official visits has time to meet his people, I think we ministers must do likewise.

On the issue of corruption, he admitted it has become a nation canker; we concur and sympathize’ every bad thing in our system. The fight is not however lost, if we could discontinue and discourage this fast spreading evil. Most often people assume, only people in higher positions are the bad nuts in our society. The driver giving the policeman bribe is as corrupt as the police officer.

The challenges are much, but we must endeavor to succeed. On the issue of the highest level of corruption at the entry ports, which affects almost all Diasporas; he insisted, the home coming Ghanaians should try to contact the appropriate institutions so as to be updated with current information.

On the issue of the electoral challenges facing the country, the learned judges are mandated by the constitution to take decisions that are in the paramount interest of Ghana.

The participants also suggested to the honorable minister to understudy the German dual system of education that has known only success all these years.  Emphasis should be on training skilled labour, like carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other trades.

He thanked the gathering for their high sense of maturity. We have only one country in the name of Ghana.

God Bless Ghana!
God Bless Germany

Kwadwo Yeboah BREMAN /Desmond John Bedddy