Exclusive Live Interview With Afro-Hip Hop Artist "Rebbel Ashes"


Originality and reality is what you get when you listen to Rebbel Ashes' New track.  And the video truly portrays what he is rapping about.   A lot of young boys dream of having a fling or two with older women.  But when the older woman comes knocking on their door, it becomes a dream come true or a reality come true in the case of Rebbel Ashes.  

Any listener can easily decode what the message of the song preaches. We were fortunate to get an exlusive interview with the Ghanaian Belgium based artist Rebbel Ashes who is originally named Prince Kwaku Sarkodie.

Watch the recorded live interview below as Isaac Jr and Ricky Ross had a one on one discussion with him on the show "What's the 411".