The case of The Murdered African Prostitute from Equitorial Guinea, West Africa, is becoming Bizarre!


The case is becoming more and more bizarre: An unknown killer kidnapped a West African prostitute who worked in Hamburg, dismembered the corpse and distributed the parts all over the city.

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Body parts of the lady appeared in the last few days in Hamburg waters. On Sunday, August 13th, 2017, divers discovered what supposedly is more pieces of the Lady from Equitorial Guinea but now it turns out these are not parts of the body.

A Police spokesman said "On Sunday afternoon, the police divers had allegedly again found corpses, which apparently came from the missing 48-year-old prostitute "Lucy".

Then In the evening the report from the medical team stated that the parts were not from the corpses of Lucy, according to a spokesman. The origin of the pieces have not been clarified. It is possible that they are "parts of an animal".

The investigation is still on going and the search for both the killer and the rest of Lucy's body parts are in progress.