Time lost is never recovered.

Foto By Andrik Langfield -Unsplash


Time is priceless, and once lost, it can never be recovered. Understanding the importance of time is crucial in shaping our success, responsibilities, and existence. Completing tasks on time is recognized as responsible and disciplined. The awareness of time's significance and the ability to manage it efficiently become the foundation for success.

Do you own a watch or clock, and can you read time accurately? A simple yet powerful suggestion is to plan an hour or more before your usual schedule. This proactive approach enhances efficiency and productivity, making every moment count.

Think about your lateness to social gatherings, parties, church, or mosques. If lateness is a recurring theme in these aspects, it's essential to recognize its impact. Habitual lateness can inconvenience others, forcing them to spend more hours at events due to your delayed arrival. It is not only annoying, but it's also irritating when you read on posters and flyers that events will begin at 6pm, and you arrive punctually to find organizers arranging tables and chairs at 8pm. What is that?

You cannot imagine this; there is no lateness in heaven; the doors close on time. All those who arrived late are not allowed in. This serves as a powerful reminder that time waits for no one, and being punctual is not only a virtue but a principle that extends beyond earthly realms.

Interestingly, the dynamics change when it comes to work. The fear of being sacked ensures punctuality, highlighting the consequences of lateness in a professional setting. In the workplace, lateness is not tolerated, especially in the industrial world. Here time is money...

Being mindful of time's importance and managing it wisely are the keys to a successful and fulfilling journey through life. After all, time lost is a chapter closed, and its pages can never be revisited.

Desmond John Beddy