12 Largest And Strongest African Economies


Africa economic report won’t have its zest if it does not have who is who of African economies. Like year, the top 12 largest African economies are the same with some modification at the top of the chart. The Republic of South Africa remains the biggest and strongest African economy with a GDP $272.2 billion

and the second largest and strongest African economy is Nigeria with a GDP of $141.3 billion the third is Algeria with a GDP of $137.2 billion and the fourth largest and biggest African economy is Egypt with a GDP of $111.8 billion. The changes noted in the classification this year are the great leap forward of Angola and war ravaged Sudan. Angola, which is recovering from 25 years civil war, has over taken the Kingdom of Morocco as the fifth largest African economy with a GDP of $ 66.1 billion.

Following Angola, Morocco is now the sixth largest African economy with a GDP of $ 61.1 billion; Libya is the seventh largest African economy with a GDP of $ 56.0 billion. Sudan is the eighth largest African economy with a GDP of $ 45.7 billion, Tunisia is ninth with a GDP of $ 33.1 billion, Zimbabwe is tenth with a GDP of $ 26.4 billion, Kenya is eleventh with a GDP of $ 24.8 billion and Cameroon is twelfth with a GDP of $ 20.1 billion. Meanwhile, Ivory Coast, the erstwhile largest and strongest French-speaking black African economy is thirteenth with a GDP of $ 18.7 billion.

Mind you, this is the list of Africa’s biggest economies, it is simply a measure of goods traded in the markets and not the wellbeing of the citizens in the aforementioned nations. The African Economist will soon public a report of countries ranked based on GDP per capita, a better indicator, though not the best, than simply the size of the economy.
Source: The African Economist

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