Graduation Ceremony in Ahrensbök


Germany has over the years not only deepened the dual system of educational, develops academic leaders in higher education but understands the importance of producing more skilled labor. The Association responsible for the Building Industry (Bauindustrieverband) in Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein currently organize a graduation ceremony for 140 students.

The graduates passed out with flying colors in building construction, street construction, and sewerage construction. The event took place at the Ausbildungszentrum (Training Center) in Ahrensbök. The celebration took place before 550 invited guests.

In his opening address, Mr Rainer Bock, assistant director of the IHK -(Chambers of Commerce) Kiel, though full of praise for the students, was not very satisfied about the number of girls enrolling into the construction schools. This is only about 0.7%. More measures must therefore be put in place to attract more females into this viable sector.

Both Mr. Hans-Joachim Dockweiler, a community leader and Mr. Frank Schlemmer, chairman of the donors union to the school, challenge the graduates to be dedicated and hard working, in this area of the economy, there is enough vacancy for all.

 Mr. Hans-Werner Blöcker deputy chairman of "BAUINDUSTRIEVERBAND HAMBURG-SCHLESWIG- HOLSTEIN e.V." said they shall do all it takes to increase intake and put the necessary measures in place to provide quality training for those who wish to pursue construction education.

The following students excel in their respective field, Jelwin Stasiak (Rendsburg), Tobias Hübner and Kevin Ziemann, both from Elmshorn were best the students in street construction, Jan Philipp Westermann (Lübeck) concrete construction and Sarah Uhrhammer from Niebüll was honoured for her social competence.

Mrs. Sylvaina Gerlich, chairlady of Imic e.V and member of the Hamburg “Ingrationsbeirat” was of the view that, the African community needs to intensify awareness campaign on education. That of the 140 students only one was an African (Kodjo Kevin Amoussou-Doh)

As much as we needed to intensify the awareness higher education, we must not lose oversight of the fact that the middle class is relevant in implementing the designs coming out of the offices.

Literally translated from German to English by Desmond John Beddy

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Bauindustrieverband Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein e. V.,
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