Nothing comes from doing nothing! -Gloria Boateng

Gloria Boateng -Mein steiniger Weg zum Erfolg


One of the most celebrated Ghanaians in Germany is Gloria Boateng. She was recently awarded “Bundesverdienstkreuz” (Federal Cross of Merit). She is the author of the book titled “Mein steiniger Weg zum Erfolg“and chairperson of the of SCHLAUFOX e.V.

She made a reflective statement about a specific orientation of the majority of Ghanaians at her recent book reading organized by the OSSARA, a non-governmental organization based in Hamburg.

She believes most Ghanaians solely depend on prayer for everything which is outrageous. The writer, teacher and fitness trainer also added that the mentality that God must do everything is unbelievable because she prays too and believes she has always enjoyed double blessings because she prays and work hard towards her goals. Nothing comes from doing nothing!



At the book lunch, she narrated her migration to Germany as a young black kid, she acknowledged why the African community must play a more leading role to bring about changes they have been fighting for over the years. “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living”.

Her story is one that did not only earn the sympathy of the audience, but her style of telling her story made a lot of people buy her book. She encouraged everyone to work hard, while they pray to attract double blessings. One will say, is the part of the Bible that says, “Prayer answered all” not a promise by God Himself? Others will argue with the quote that states that; God helps those who help themselves.

What is your belief? What would you do instead?  Pray, sit, and wait on God or pray and work hard towards what you pray for?  The choice is yours to make.

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By Effiya Ephya