IPOB members attacked Senator Ekweremadu in Germany -Whos is to Blame


When I heard some people write or say it’s shameful that an Igbo leader (Senator) was accosted in the manner Chief Ike Ekweremmadu was humiliated in Germany by disenchanted IPOB members in Germany I laugh loud and louder. 

I’m sure those making such comments seems not to understand the meaning of ANGER and SHAME or how and where such words should be applied. Yes any public fracas or disorder can cause embarrassment or Shame(ful) but certainly dependable on the situations that lead to what causes the embarrassment. Something leads to something if two persons causes embarrassment by their actions the blame and shame usually ends up going to the offender; in principles.

To further explain it, Shame as it applies to the episodes in Nuremberg Germany with the harassment of the in-sensitive Senator Ike Ekweremmadu who adorned on "One Big Nigeria" attire to mock the families and relatives of those Fulani herdsmen killed in Enugwu his home state, in the name of Iriji New yam festival is Shameful at worst.

For those asking why the attack on the Senator who supposing his house is ablaze while he's out chasing rat. Who has failed at genuine effort to put it out the fire should take the shame and not those whose actions were nothing but a protest to register their discontent directly to the concerned.
I understand some of us given the way we were brought up to think in Nigeria hardly thought of politicians as people bearing any responsibility to citizenry hence our primitive docility and upside down thinking. We are not used to holding politicians to account so we tend to narrow or bend our contributions towards that faulty lines of thought process which is what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is fighting to correct.

Assuming Ike Ekweremmadu were to be a Whiteman the insult would be enough to resign and concentrate to fixing the problem that lead to his assault but an African wouldn’t do it simple because he has no shame. Now you get my right? To the civilised mind IPOB did fine on that civil responsibility to hold a public servant to account for failing the people he represent, egg throwing happens often in western and other civilised world.
Even in Igbo culture and tradition the man who failed to deliver on his responsibility to his kindred (umunne)' are collectively disgraced and humiliated that's part of what being a Republican in nature means.

Next time when someone says to you its a shame and embarrassment on what happened to the Fulani servant Senator in Nuremberg Please ask him or her to whom is the shame to the senator or the people protesting for their rights. However its a Big Shame for one to lose his honour in public and worst to the people he claims to be representing yet no Will to change direction or course.
Victors to the people! All hail Biafra.

KC Adams
IPOB Member /Biafra Land Supporter