The Greatest AYEA Fun To Win €100


Many people have made AYEA great, many have supported and attended all AYEA programs. Today we want to find out who has the best memory about the past years. 

  1. What does AYEA stands for?
  2. In which year was the first AYEA?
  3. When is the next AYEA taking place?
  4. How many students have so far been awarded; (A) 96(B) 86 (C) 76 (D) 66
  5. Who was the first ambassador to attend AYEA?
  6. Where does the annual event take place? At what time does it begin?
  7. Who was the first federal parliamentarian to attend AYEA?
  8. Which institution is responsible for the AYEA program?
  9. Who has moderated the AYEA, the last four years?
  10. Which company has supported the event ever since?
  11. Who is the co-organizer, who has been with the AYEA ever since?
  12. Which consulate finances the yearly AYEA Parent Prize with €500?
  13. Why AYEA?


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