Voting is exercising your right and responsibility

Irene Appiah -SPD Parliamentary Candidate in Billstedt -Hamburg Mitte


Elections are the most important time for citizens to exercise their fundamental right. The question is, have you ever voted? Are you contemplating on going to the polls or not?

The District Elections 2019 (Bezirksversammlungswahl) in Hamburg is approaching. Sunday, the 26th of May 2019 is going to be the Election Day in Hamburg, where citizens aged 16 and above, German and/or EU-Passport will be casting their votes in Hamburg.

Do you know that most eligible voters in Hamburg ignore the ballot papers sent per post, 5 weeks prior to elections? 

On the Effiya Ephya Show on Radio TopAfric today, Saturday, the 12th of January 2019 at 14:30 Hrs Germany Time, is the SPD politicians, Irene Appiah and Elombo Bolayela
Elombo Bolayela
The following will be discussed;

  • The Ballot Papers in our post boxes?
  • Who can vote?
  • Where you can vote based on where you live? 
  • Which African candidates to vote for during elections.
  • Which party they belong to?
  • How to go about voting?
  • What to do on Election Day in Hamburg?

Use the links below during the interview
Radio TopAfric:

“If You Don't Vote, They Will Vote For You”

Effiya Ephya
Radio TopAfric

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